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          ZhengHua Company is a professional manufacturer of high quality UV lights.We have abundant experience in this field include the R&D(research & design) and a good command of  the advanced UV lights technology in the world. That's the reason why we have received approval and high reputation among our customers from home and abroad.

           Our company owns a  modern factory and laboratory with advanced semi-automatically production line which can produce more than one million UV lights every year. We have realized a large-scale and standardized production process in order to supply high quality products to our customers. It is the superior quality products that makes ZhengHua difference from other competitors.

               During the research and making process, ZhengHua Company tried every effort to make quality products with longer life and stronger UV output to satisfy the high requirements of our customers all over the world and also creat wealth for them. ZhengHua has a series of core technology: the light tude is made of high-purity quartz which has the highest transmittivity of UV, we invented real nanometer coating technology,high-purity Built-in amalgam,dynamic condition electronic powder coating,high vacuum and high pumping speed of SPC exhaust, 360 degree annular press seal and so on, the life of the lights is longer than 16 thousand hours .



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