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First UVC 222nm far-uvc light where efficient, safety inactivates airborne human coronaviruses and harmless to human skin and eyes.


No matter if you are a supplier, involved in distribution looking to distribute our FIRSTUVC 222nm Far-UVC products, a system developer looking for 222nm Far-UVC components or another potential partner (NGO, etc.), we are the right company for exploring opportunities in frontier UV markets.

  1. Distributor

  2. OEMs & ODMs

Why work with FIRSTUVC?

  1. Adding Value

    Access to FIRSTUVC’s added value through our full ranges of products in 222nm Far-UVC technologies ranging from Disinfection, sterilization, etc.. No other partner can offer you so much.
  2. Productivity and Profitability

    Improve your customers' productivity and profitability.
  3. High quality for low maintenance

    Our constant improvement feedback loop ensures we upgrade, develop, and utilize cutting-edge products and solutions. This continuous upgrade makes our products and solutions the sturdiest and most secure 222nm Far-UVC products in the market, with low maintenance and enduring operations.
  4. We value our partners

    We seek relationships on eye-level where every partner benefits adequately.
  5. Higher Profits

    We offer most competitive wholesale prices to help Increase your market share through FIRSTUVC’s commitment to innovation of 222nm Far-UVC
  6. Proven technology

    Not only do we sell products, we offer 222nm Far-UVC solutions which we have designed, implemented, and operated. We have gathered the necessary experience leading to our operational and project execution excellence.